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The FY24 General Fund budget will be balanced with projected revenue collections during the fiscal year. Projected revenue for FY24 is $15,502,240, an increase of $1,980,534 or 13% from the FY23 budget of $13,521,706.

If you live in Farragut, all of your property taxes go to Knox County. Even without a property tax, Farragut provides numerous services to its residents that make it an exceptional place to live. Here are just a few:

  • Continuously improved roads

  • High-quality, well-maintained parks and greenways

  • A community center that offers free or inexpensive classes, programs and events. It houses the Farragut Parks & Rec Department, which manages the parks (including field and court use, the McFee Park splashpad, and large community events like the Independence Day Parade and Light the Park)

  • An accessible community development department that keeps development standards high

  • Assistance to Farragut businesses through a business liaison, as well as publicity provided by the Visit Farragut program

  • A friendly and helpful staff that is available to answer your questions every business day

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