• Completed construction of Campbell Station Inn Phase 3 (Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza), including lighted open lawns, walkways, interpretive signage, lighted parking lot, restrooms and two new entrance drives

  • Modified Town meetings, classes, programs, events and rentals to comply with ever-changing COVID-19 regulations and best practices, requiring an extensive effort from the parks and rec, marketing and public relations staff

  • Received, for the 26th year, the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) for the Town’s comprehensive annual financial report for FY2019

  • Used federal CARES Act funding to expand Light the Park with additional lighted elements at Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza, the community center and the commuter lot on Campbell Station Road

  • Successfully met staff IT needs for working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Created new events, like Hide & Seek with the Admiral, Farragut Forty and May Day Picnic, and modified others, like the Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo and Light the Park, to provide safe programming during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Initiated construction of McFee Park Phase 3, the largest capital project in the Town’s history (approximately $8 million), which includes a new entrance drive, four lighted tennis courts that will be lined for eight pickleball courts, a five-acre great lawn, large pavilion and restroom with outdoor patio area, parking, lighted walk trails and grading/utilities for future phases

  • Completed assessment of stormwater infrastructure in Fox Run subdivision, a pilot project completed in preparation for assessment of all stormwater infrastructure in the Town

  • Began Phase 1 of a project to repair seventeen stormwater pipes by Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining method

  • Dedicated the plaza at the Campbell Station Inn as Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza in honor of the Town’s third mayor

  • Developed an Aesthetic Plan for new vertical utility infrastructure

  • Issued commercial building permits for major projects, including 35 North, Topgolf, McFee Park expansion and 11 multi-family residential buildings at S. Watt Road and Kingston Pike, as well as 133 permits for new residential units

  • Used approximately $147,000 in CARES Act funding to purchase approved items like cleaning supplies, computer and AV equipment, and masks for all Farragut public school students and staff

  • Significantly enhanced property maintenance enforcement

  • Issued record number of permits for swimming pools (36)

  • Received the Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council’s Pivot Award for the Visit Farragut Dining Guide

  • Implemented a classification and compensation study to re-examine the responsibilities, salary and work performed by staff members

  • Rezoned six properties, including the Town Center at Biddle Farms and the Grove at Boyd Station

  • Added approximately 240 feet of sidewalk along Concord Road, along with interpretive signage at Pleasant Forest Cemetery

Red Mill Dam
Red Mill Dam

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Festive Fourth at Home
Festive Fourth at Home

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Cured-in-place-pipe repairs
Cured-in-place-pipe repairs

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  • Accepted the anonymous gift of a 6.43-acre parcel on Concord Road that includes the historic Red Mill Dam

  • Amended Future Land Use Map and Mixed-Use Town Center text in the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance related to the Town Center at Biddle Farms

  • Received a $750,000 grant from BlueCross Foundation for a BlueCross Healthy Place that includes a play area, fitness machines and small pavilion located at the Farragut Town Hall greenspace

  • Updated the Major Road Plan

  • Completed FY2021 maintenance contracts for roadways, pavement markings, guard rail and traffic signals

  • Developed zoning provisions for drug treatment and pain management facilities, and microbrews and brewpubs

  • Completed construction of Grigsby Chapel Road pedestrian crossing improvements at the Grigsby Chapel Greenway

  • Approved four fiber installation projects

  • Resurfaced portions of Smith Road, Grigsby Chapel Road, Sonja Drive and the NHC greenway near Sugarwood subdivision, as well as repairs of McFee Road near Bridgemore Boulevard

  • Completed reconstruction of 35 curb ramps at Smith Road, Grigsby Chapel Road and Lookout Point to bring those locations into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Began construction of Phase 1 of Virtue Road reconstruction (Kingston Pike to 2,200 feet south of Broadwood Drive)

  • Hired two new full-time Parks & Rec employees: community center operator and lead park assistant

  • Began construction of Smith Road sidewalk project (Everett Road to Andover Boulevard)

  • Implemented a rebate program for tournaments/event rentals for teams/groups staying in Farragut hotels

  • Began, through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, construction of improvements to intersection of Kingston Pike at Watt Road

  • Planted new bulbs at the Outdoor Classroom 

  • Completed construction of sidewalk and pedestrian crossing at Watt Road near Mayor Bob Leonard Park

  • Completed emergency repairs to Andover Boulevard

  • Maintained a fiscally-sound budget during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Begin construction of the Town’s Advanced Traffic Management System project, which will add centralized control of the Town’s 26 traffic signals, traffic cameras, new controllers, fiber connections and other hardware upgrades

  • Add sidewalk or greenway at three locations:  Sonja Drive (Admiral Road to Oran Road), Evans Road (Farm at Willow Creek subdivision to Cottages at Pryse Farm subdivision) and Little Turkey Creek (Brookmere subdivision to Sheffield subdivision)

  • Continue to focus on enhancing property maintenance and work with subdivisions (particularly those without HOAs) to develop community assistance and watch groups as they relate to property maintenance

  • Launch a new Visit Farragut website

  • Help guide the development of the Town Center, Top Golf, the Grove at Boyd Station and other major projects in the Town

  • Complete study for traffic mitigation on Grigsby Chapel Road

  • Replace failing stormwater infrastructure at Campbell Station Road (I-40/75 interchange to wetlands near West Campbell Lakes Drive)

  • Expand greenway signage

  • Coordinate the design of McFee Phase 4, which will include additional parking, a bike/hike trail and pavilion

  • Coordinate the design of McFee Phase 5 tennis courts

  • Build 40 x 50-foot climate-controlled storage building at Public Works complex 

  • Create Bluegrass at McGill Plaza, a new tourism-based event

  • Complete Kingston Pike corridor study for possible pedestrian enhancements from Jamestowne Boulevard to Concord Road/West End Boulevard

  • Complete 2021 resurfacing projects, including McFee Road, Glen Abbey Boulevard, Port Charles Drive, San Martin Lane, English Station Road, Fincastle Lane, Kimball Lane, Harrison Road and two lengths of greenway (Brixworth greenway adjacent to Sailview subdivision and greenway at rear of the Cove at Turkey Creek Subdivision)

  • Install a new Farragut Museum exhibit and host “Tennessee Waters: Shaping Our Land, Our Lives, and Our Future,” a traveling exhibit from Humanities Tennessee

  • Begin development of project to complete reconstruction of Virtue Road Phase 2 (Boyd Station Road to 2,200 feet south of Broadwood Drive)

New lights at Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza
New lights at Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza

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McFee Park expansion
McFee Park expansion

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Visit Farragut website
Visit Farragut website

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  • Complete reconstruction of Virtue Road Phase 1

  • Add one athletic special event and increase the number of programs and classes offered

  • Complete construction of sidewalk and curb and gutter at Smith Road from Everett Road to Andover Boulevard

  • Design and install a new vignette in the Farragut Museum

  • Begin Stormwater Improvements Master Plan, which will assess all stormwater infrastructure in the town over the next two years

  • Continue Phase 1 of a project to repair seventeen stormwater pipes by CIPP lining method

  • Begin right-of-way acquisition for construction of Union Road from Hobbs Road to Everett Road

  • Expand Light the Park lights and activities

  • Open Blue Cross Healthy Place playground at Town Hall

  • Complete FY2022 maintenance contracts for roadways, pavement markings, guard rail and traffic signals

  • Redevelop Visit Farragut strategic plan

  • Complete study of Jamestowne Boulevard as bypass of intersection of Kingston Pike at Campbell Station Road

  • Create 2022 Parks & Leisure Services Master Plan

  • Foster the development of the Town becoming a Tree City