The Town of Farragut has a long history of setting goals and making plans. As we look at achievements this past year, we also have the opportunity to review the Town’s progress made according to its Vision 2020 Plan.


In preparation for FY2011 budgeting, The Board of Mayor and Aldermen worked with Town staff to develop a strategic plan for 2020. The purpose of the plan was to create a vision for the Town and where we wanted to be in 10 years. As part of that strategic planning process, members of the Board identified key areas where they wanted to see change, identify specific goals, and discussed how to prioritize the use of the Town’s resources to achieve them. Vision 2020 was the Town’s guiding strategic plan for several years and underwent revisions along the way. Farragut continues to utilize a strategic plan in order to frame its vision for the future and focus efforts on achieving its goals. The Town’s current strategic plan was developed and adopted in 2017.

Examples of goals:
  • Distinguish Farragut from surrounding area/build community

  • Have a community center

  • Expand parks

  • Create a town center

  • Stay out of debt/enhance financial position


Examples of related achievements:
  • Farragut is now distinguished from surrounding Knoxville, Knox and Loudon County both in terms of physically distinguishable entrance signs, but also in terms of aesthetic, shopping, dining and schools.

  • Starting in 2013, the Intro to Farragut program has graduated more than 80 participants, many of whom have since served on committees, boards and commissions, providing countless hours of volunteer service to the Farragut community.

  • The Farragut Community Center, in partnership with the Knox County Senior Center, opened to the public spring 2020.

  • The Town has expanded its greenway and walking trail network by 4 miles.

  • Since 2010, Farragut purchased additional acreage for McFee Park and Phase III expansion is currently underway. The Outdoor Classroom was built adjacent to Farragut High School and a performance stage was installed at Founders Park at Campbell Station. New turf fields and a new restroom were added to Mayor Bob Leonard Park. New restrooms, a covered picnic area and spectator seating was added to Anchor Park. The Town purchased the historic Campbell Station Inn, completed exterior restoration and built a new plaza and restrooms on the site.

  • The Town’s Planning Commission approved a concept plan for development of property along Brooklawn Street and is working with the developer on a town center concept that includes an open space appropriate for public events.

  • Not only has the Town remained debt-free, but it has been able to finance road projects, park improvements, historic building preservation and the purchase of a community center, in part due to the acquisition of over $40 million in federal and state grant funding.

Farragut Town Hall

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Installation of Admiral Farragut bronze statue